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Commonwealth Adoptions International has Closed its Offices

Commonwealth Adoptions International has closed all of its offices after being denied accredidation. Commonwealth is closing down offices in Florida, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

Summary: Commonwealth Adoptions International has closed all of its offices after being denied accredidation. Commonwealth Adoptions lawsuits and criminal complaints have been made in a number of states, Commonwealth Adoptions class-action lawsuits are also in the planning stage by a number of prospective parents with claims against the agency. Email Us to Share Your Exerience.


Commonwealth Adoptions International has closed its doors after its adoption program lost accreditation. The agency’s controversial decision to go out of business has left many uncertain about their adoptions and possibly out thousands – or tens of thousands of dollars. Lawsuits, criminal complaints and filings with the Better Business Bureau have occured against Commonwealth Adoptions in many states.

Communications from Commonwealth have been contradictory and confusing according to people who had contracted with Commonwealth for assistance with their adoptions. Many prospective parents were told that only certain offices would be closing, that they were going to be transitioned to other agencies or that their adoptions would move forward. Information from many of the agency’s clients states that all communications have now stopped and all offices have been closed.

Class action lawsuits and criminal complaints have been made against Commonwealth in at least Arizona and Colorado. Concerns about the fees paid to the agency have prompted many to seek out legal recourse. A number of prospective parents have also filed grievances with the Better Business Bureau looking for assistance in recouping lost funds and with claims of fraud.

In one complaint made early in August, an unnamed family stated that they were in jeopardy of losing over $22,000 in agency fees that Commonwealth had collected in the 10 months before going out of business.

Marina Mayhew, President of Commonwealth Adoptions, has claimed that they will assist families transitioning to other agencies, but has also implied that families will not get refunds.

The loss of Commonwealth’s accreditation was not surprising to some in the international adoption community while others remain supportive. Commonwealth claimed that they didn’t know why they were denied accreditation. The agency has been dissolved and has no plans to try to regain accreditation or reopen its doors.

Some speculate that because of recent reductions in the number of international adoptions from countries traditionally active, and the hold placed on adoption from Guatemala the agency decided to abandon its business.

Although the homepage of Commonwealth’s web site is no longer on-line, other pages do appear to be functioning at the time of this article. By clicking on the following, you can find other active areas of their site. Commonwealth Adoption Web Site

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