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a love like no other

"A Love Like No Other": Stories written by Adoptive Parents about their adoption experiences are collected in this recently released book, "A Love Like No Other": Stories From Adoptive Parents.


"A Love Like No Other": A moving collection of essay about the experience of adoptive parenting-by Melissa Fay Greene, Jacqueline Mitchard, Dan Savage, and other acclaimed writers.

Adoption now affects more American families than ever before-1.5 million adopted children live in the United States today, and 60 percent of Americans report some kind of personal connection to adoption. Happily, this surge has coincided with an increasing mainstream acceptance of adoption as just another way to form a family, complete with its own frustrations and joys that deserve to be discussed and celebrated.

"A Love Like No Other" does just that. It features twenty leading writers, all of whom are adoptive parents, discussing their personal experiences. They include adoptive parents of children of other races, like Emily Prager, who grapples with how to best keep her daughter connected to her Chinese roots; parents whose families blend biological children and adopted children, like bestselling author Jacquelyn Mitchard; single mothers of only children, like journalist Sheila Stainback; and same-sex adoptive parents like Jesse Green, who wonders how his sons will feel when instructed to make a Mother's Day card. They live in big cities and small towns, and have adopted domestically and overseas. Some of their stories soberingly address the potential complications of adoptive parenting, while others tell of happily enriched family lives.

Impressive for both its breadth and its quality, A Love Like No Other is a timely and heartwarming mosaic of the contemporary lives of adoptive parents and their children. In elegant prose and with refreshing honesty, these essays will introduce you to a group of families you won't soon forget.

"A Love Like No Other."

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