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About a Child Adoption Agency

Summary: About a Child is an independant adoption agency working in Eastern Europe. About a Child facilitates international adoptions and aids prospective parents to achieve their dreams of bringing a child in to their lives.


About A Child is an adoption agency with offices in Iowa and California that focuses on working with prospective parents adopting from Eastern Europe. The adoption agency doesn’t have a religious affiliation unlike many agencies.

About A Child is licensed for adoption in Iowa and uses the California office as an administrative and support. Adopt A Child also recently began a program to assist prospective parents with some of the fees associated with international adoption.

About A Child waives all agency fees for families adopting children with special needs and seeks additional grants to cover travel and overseas expenses associated with adoption. The organization channels all profits left over after operating expenses towards their Medical Aid and Adoption Grants programs. They do whatever they can to help these children and hope to find adoptive parents who will, too.

About A Child
556 Keelson Cir
Redwood City, CA 94065


About A Child is an independant agency assisting in adoption.

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