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Summary: Adoption runs throughout man's history as a noble and rewarding act that is full of love. Adoption, on an international scale, joins over 20,000 children with their adoptive parents per year in the US alone. What was once an uncommon occurrence, it now seems that almost everyone knows someone touched by international adoption.


We've all seen it; a beautiful Chinese child walking hand and hand with her caucasian mother at the grocery store or the mall. They look like they were always meant to be together, and if you ask them, they'll agree.

Adoption is connection, the connection between prospective parents and children in need of the loving support that only a family can provide.

Beyond just the emotional bond, adoption is also a legal and permanent match in the eyes of the state. The child-parent relationship is made permanent. Officially, at the completion of the adoption process, biological and adopted children are no different.

One of our favorite definitions of adoptions is that, “Adoption is forming a family”. It’s as simple as that. Adoption makes a family.

The adoption process starts with thought, discussion and desire. A couple or a single person begin to soul search about their desire to start or continue a family. Circumstances soon enter the picture. A couple facing infertility. A single with a burning desire. A same sex couple wanting a family of their own. No matter their story, adoption is the answer.

Sadly, for a child, adoption often starts with abandonment caused by different circumstances. Cultural norms and government control often result in a mother being forced to separate from her child.

adoptionA common China story involves the mother or her family placing the child in a well traveled spot knowing that someone will soon be along to take care of the child. Their stories are unimaginably painful. But from it comes the joy of adoption.

For prospective parents, the adoption journey is often called the paper chase. A great deal of paperwork designed to create a profile to prove that the prospective parents are worthy of being adoptive parents.

The paper chase is generally followed by waiting and travel, all of which culminate in the adoption itself.

There could be no greater day in the lives of prospective parents than when they are meeting their adoptive child for the first time. And there may be no scarier time for the child. But that moment starts a journey that redefines that parents and child as a family forever.

Visit our article on Children for Adoption for an historical perspective.

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