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Adoption Africa

Adoption Africa: A growing number of visitors to our site are showing interest in adoption for countries in Africa.

With AIDS ravaging large areas of Africa the traditional cultural ‘safety net’ for orphans, their extended families, has been severely limited. The deaths due to the AIDS epidemic have ravaged families across the continent.

People who are interested in adoption as a way to start or grow a family are continually looking for adoption options. Adoption is obviously not a way to save, what some have termed, a “lost generation”, but it is a way to create a loving bond between parents and children from any part of the world that supports international adoption.

In the West, adoption from Africa is far less prevalent than countries such as Russia, China and Guatemala. Africa adoption is developed when compared to some other countries, but it is still an option with the right amount of research and the willingness to dedicate to adopting.

Africa adoption is often in the news as a growing option for prospective parents. There are many programs for African adoption.

Ethiopian adoption is a growing Africa adoption opportunity. The number of adoptions in 2006 grew to 732 children. This was a large increase over the 441 ethiopian adoptions in 2005. The number of adoptions has grown 6 fold since 2002.

Africa Adoption- Ethiopia

Ethiopia Adoption

Africa Adoption- South Africa

South Africa Adoption

Africa Adoption- Kenya

Kenya Adoption

Africa Adoption- Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Adoption - we're hoping to add more countries to our Adoption Africa section soon. Please check back.

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