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Adoption Service Information Agency (ASIA)



Silver Spring, Maryland – Adoption Service Information Agency (ASIA) announced today that it is becoming a part of Children’s Home Society & Family Services (CHSFS), a national leader in adoption. Founded in 1889, CHSFS is one of the largest adoption service providers in the United States, having both domestic and international programs. ASIA has joined CHSFS to expand its adoption services, such as increasing adoption opportunities from five to eleven countries.

Founded by Theodore U.C. Kim as a nonprofit full-service adoption agency, ASIA has provided adoption and post adoption services to parents and children for almost 25 years. The guiding philosophy of the agency is that every child has a right and is entitled to a permanent, loving and caring home.

“When Ted informed us of his decision to step down, we were faced with the daunting task of finding the best way to insure that ASIA’s important work would endure and flourish,” stated Joan Suwalsky, Co-chair of the ASIA Board of Directors. “We were determined to solidify, enhance and improve our services. The relationship with CHSFS will allow us to do just that!”

Now as a part of CHSFS, ASIA’s services will include access to many international adoption programs, including a new program in Ethiopia, and programs that assist children with special needs. Another local benefit includes the expansion of post adoption service offerings, through extensive resources and educational opportunities. The agency will also support children in need through unique and far-reaching humanitarian aid efforts.

“Adoption Service Information Agency and Children’s Home Society & Family Services have joined efforts to bring together the rich experience, knowledge and resources of two agencies that have served children and families for a combined 140 years. Together, we have helped create more than 25,000 families through adoption. We look forward to increasing the number of children that we place into loving homes,” stated David Pilgrim, Vice President of Adoption Services.

More information about the agency’s offerings can be found online at www.asia-adopt.org.

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