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Adoption Statistics -- 2006

The new adoption statistics for 2006 are quite suprising. A drop of over 14% is reflected in the top countries for the year.

A dramatic change occurred in the adoption statistics in 2006. This change happened across the board when reviewing the statistics for the year.

Adoptions from China dropped from 7,906 in 2005 to 6,493 in 2006. That is a drop of nearly 20%. There are many reasons for this drop including a slowing of the referral process within China and, most recently, new restrictions who can adopt. Prospective parents now face limits on age, weight, and a history of using antidepressants – along with income restrictions and a requirement that prospective parents must be married.

2005 statistics showed that Russia was the #2 country for foreign adoptions. In 2005, 4,639 adoptees entered the United States. 2006 adoptions from Russia dropped the country to #3 with 3,706 children adopted to parents from the United States.

Guatemala became the second country of international adoption in 2006, up from third in 2005. 4,135 children were adopted by U.S. citizens from Guatemala in 2006, up from 3,783 in 2005.

2006 also saw a drop of nearly 300 children who were adopted from South Korea. 1,630 children were adopted from South Korea in 2005 and 1,376 in 2006.

One of the biggest changes in the adoption statistics in 2006 was the drop in adoptions from Ukraine. Only 460 children were adopted in 2006, down from 821 in 2005. That drop lowered Ukraine from fifth to seventh in 2006.

Ethiopia saw an increase in the 2006 adoption statistics. The country increased to number five with an increase of over 65% - 732 adoptions in 2006 versus 441 in 2005.

Kazakhstan stayed steady at number six in the list of countries where American’s adopt in the 2006 international adoption statistics although there was a dramatic drop in the numbers. 755 children were adopted in 2005 and only 587 were adopted in 2006.

African nations continue to see a growing trend of international adoptions as the need continues to grow. The AIDS epidemic has caused a dramatic rise in the number of orphaned children throughout much of the continent. Liberia is an example of this. Americans adopted almost twice as many children in 2006 versus 2005. The stats for Liberia see a change from 182 children to 353 in 2006.

The Central American country of Columbia was one of the few countries to see an increase in 2006. 344 children were adopted in ’06 versus 291 in 2005.

The number of Children adopted from India held nearly steady in the year. 320 in 2006 versus 323 in 2005.

There were a number of other countries also with changes in 2006 statistics. Haiti – 309, Philippines – 245, Taiwan – 187, Vietnam – 163, Mexico – 70, Poland – 67, Brazil – 66, Nepal – 66, Nigeria – 62 and Thailand – 56.

Adoption Statistics as a trend indicator for International Adoption.

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