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The Adoption Statistics, 2005, offer some suprises and information for prospective parents.

Adoption Statistics and the number of visas issued to orphans in the U.S. in 2005.

Adoption Statistics are created by the number of immigrant visas issued to orphans coming in the the U.S. by the census bureau. The number of children adopted in the U.S. continued to grow in 2005. U.S. citizens adopted over 21,000 children internationally.

China's adoption statistics saw an increase in the number of children adopted over 2004 by 862 children. An increase of over 12%. 7,906 in 2005 versus 7044 in 2004. Remarkably, there has been an increase of 156 percent over the number of adoptions from China in 2002.

According to the latest adoption statistics, the country that saw the second largest number of foreign children receiving adoption visas was Russia with 4,639 in 2005. That number was down dramatically versus the 5,865 children adopted from Russia in 2004.

The adoption statistics in Guatemala saw 519 more children adopted in 2005 over 2004. Guatemala's 3,783 children rated 3 in the top countries of origin for the U.S.

South Korea children accounted for 1,630 adoptees.

The Ukraine(821) and Kazakhstan(755) switch places in the rankings between 2004 and 2005.

Ethiopia saw a 153% increase over 2004 with 441 adopted children. While 2005 adoption statistics placed India's (323) number of adopted children fall by 83 over the previous year.

Columbia(291) and the Philippines(271) round out the top ten.

Additional countries in the top twenty according to adoption statistics 2005 are: Haiti(231), Liberia(182), Taiwan born Chinese(141), Mexico(98), Poland and Thailand (Both 73), Brazil(66), Nigeria(65), Jamaica(63), Nepal(62) and Moldova (54).

Historic data dating to 1991 is available on our adoption statistics page.

Adoption Statistics 2005, details and information.

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