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All God’s Children International (AGCI)

All God's Children International or AGCI is an agency offering international adoption of children and humanitarian programs.


All God’s Children International (AGCI) is an adoption agency founded by Jan Beazely and Kay Arthur in 1991. The agency prides itself on working to place children, but also to support the children who were not adopted. They provide care for children in a number of countries and work to raise funds for these humanitarian efforts.

All God’s Children International is based in Portland, Oregon and operates offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Cincinnati. They have a staff of over 20 people.

The agency offers home study programs and post adoption services.

All God’s Children International offers the line, “If we had walked the other way and pursued our own dreams, not God's, I know now there is so much that would never have been. There are children that would not have been rescued; there are families that perhaps would never have been helped. So never despise small beginnings, never dismiss the vision God puts in your heart concerning a child. The call is there for a reason and speaking from experience there is nothing more wonderful in life than willingly pursuing God's call for your family.”

All God’s Children International (AGCI)
3308 NE Peerless Place
Portland, OR 97232

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