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Children for Adoption.

Summary: From the earliest written record, stories of children for adoption have shown the goodness in people's hearts.


Stories of placing children for adoption date back to earliest civilization. Even the bible has a large number of references to the adoption of children.

In the Old Testament, prominent figure Esther was adopted by her cousin after the death of her parents. Esther's role as the queen of Persia and the exodus of the Jewish people make her one of the most important people in many religions.

The story of Moses is also the story of adoption. Moses' birthmother hid him out of fear for his safety for three months. Then, she placed him in a basket and placed him on the banks of the Nile. The baby was found and raised by Pharaoh's daughter as her own son. I find this story an interesting parallel to a Chinese birthmother abandoning her baby daughter in a populated area where the birthmother knows the baby will be found; the mothers forced to place their children for adoption out of fear. (Don't take my words to literally—I'm certainly no biblical scholar.)

Throughout the world there are countless women who place their children for adoption for one reason or another. Rather than focusing on the reason, we'll focus on how adoption can be a remarkable and loving experience for children and adoptive parents.

Placing children for adoption must be a nearly unbearable burden for birthmother's but it is also often an answer to the prayers of prospective parents looking to start or add to their family.

When it comes specifically to international adoption, many reasons lead prospective parents to look to other countries for available children for adoption. Infertility and the desire to start a family are two of the very personal reasons parents look internationally. It seems that no two prospective parents look to international adoption for exactly the same reason.

No matter the reason that birthparents place their children for adoption, the ultimate goal is that the children are raised in a loving home by loving parents.

A historical perspective on children for adoption.

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