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International Adoption Stories

The China Adoption of Sabrina Rose.

Adoption Timeline

This timeline is a little detailed, but I tried to keep track of even little things so that when we find out her birthday, we can see the kinds of things we were doing at that time. This timeline will also help anyone in the Pittsburgh area to determine BCIS (Formerly INS) time tables in getting the paperwork processed. It took us only 58 days from application, to having our dossier complete and logged in in China!

September 22, 2003 Dday! A decision is made…we are going to adopt!!
September 24, 2003 Send away for police and child abuse clearances.
Order Brian and Jenna’s birth certificates and pick up our marriage certificate.
September 25, 2003 Filed I600A with Immigration Services
Jenna finger printed
Applied to Families Thru International Adoption agency for China adoption
September 27, 2003 Brian fingerprint ed
September 29, 2003 Home study visit with Social Worker 6:00PM
September 30, 2003 Sent for local criminal record check
Jenna blood work for physical
Home Study Visit
October 1, 2003 Brian physical
Order marriage certificate AGAIN because they forgot to date the one we have
Home study Visit
October 2, 2003 Jenna physical
October 3, 2003 Uncle Brian’s wedding (this has nothing to do with adoption, but was still Exciting!)
October 6, 2003 Unhappy with FTIA: We switch adoption agencies to Great Wall China Adoption agency (GWCA).
We are very pleased with that decision.
John and Amy and Ray and Lori both mail their personal reference letters to Lutheran Service Society for our home study file.
October 7, 2003 Jenna’s birth certificate arrives
Jenna’s physical form is back
Brian and Jodi mail their personal reference letter to Lutheran Service Society for our home study file.
December/January DTC dates receive referrals
October 8, 2003 Brian’s physical form is back
October 9, 2003 Fed Ex Jenna’s birth certificate to Ohio for certification
Physical forms, financial forms are notarized
Received local criminal record checks back notarized
October 14, 2003 Application received from GWCA
October 15, 2003 Fed Ex GWCA the adoption contract with first contract fee
October 16, 2003 GWCA sends dossier guide via e mail
Jenna’s certified birth certificate back from Ohio
GWCA receives contract and fee
October 20, 2003 Jenna sees first red ladybug (ladybugs are considered good luck in Chinese Adoptions
Home study complete – faxed to GWCA for review
October 22, 2003 GWCA faxes home study to Lutheran Service Society with recommended changes Home study is mailed to INS
Fed Ex 9 documents (Brian’s birth certificate, financial form, physical forms(2), Employment forms (2), local criminal checks (2), and marriage record) to Patricia Steele of Steele’s courier service to certify those 9 documents with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State.
She’s named!!! All of this for Sabrina Rose Heberle
1 month into the process.
October 24, 2003 9 documents certified by PA Secretary of State
October 27, 2003 Receive 9 documents back from Patricia Steele (Courier)
October 28, 2003 10 documents (9 from above plus Jenna’s birth certificate) sent via Fed Ex to NYC Courier, Legal-Eaze,
to be authenticated at the Chinese Consulate in NYC.
October 29, 2003 Legal-Eaze gets documents and takes them to Chinese Consulate
October 31, 2003 I-171H arrives!!! One week from all documents at INS!
Jenna sees 2 ladybugs
November 1, 2003 Brian and Jenna get 2” passport photos taken
November 3, 2003 Pick up completed home study from Lutheran Services with attachments
November 4, 2003 Go to Pennsylvania Secretary of State to get 3 documents certified (home study, Petition to adopt letter, I-171H)
UPS 3 final documents to Elmeri at Legal-Eaze for same day service authentication
November 5, 2003 Legal-Eaze gets documents
Print pictures for the dossier
November 6, 2003 Last 3 documents authenticated at Chinese Consulate
Elmerie sends documents back via UPS
November 7, 2003 Joshua’s 5th birthday!!
Get UPS with last 3 documents!!
Copy and compile all documents
November 8, 2003 Fed Ex Completed Dossier to Great Wall China Adoption!!
November 10, 2003 GWCA receives Fed Ex with completed dossier (10:15 AM)!!
November 11, 2003 EMail a few more pictures to GWCA to include in dossier
November 14, 2003 GWCA FedEx’s completed dossier to China!
November 17, 2003 Feb/March DTC dates get referrals
November 18, 2003 LOG IN DATE!!!!! Dossier logged into CCAA – OFFICIAL DTC DATE!
November 22, 2003 Pick out Sabrina’s wall border
2 months into the process
December 8, 2003 We find out the log in date (November 18th)
December 18, 2003 Purchase Hands of Hope wall tile for Sabrina. Click here to see the virtual tile!
ONE month DTC
December 22, 2004 3 months into the process
December 25, 2003 Santa brings Sabrina a ‘babies first Christmas’ ornament, just in case!
December 31, 2003 April DTC dates get referrals
January 18, 2004 Paint Sabrina’s Room
TWO months DTC
January 20, 2004 May DTC dates get referrals
January 22, 2004 Chinese New Year! Year of the Monkey (CCAA closed from 1/22 - 1/28)
4 months into the process
January 23, 2004 Put up wall border in Sabrina’s room
January 30, 2004 Receive word from GWCA that we are in the Review Room at the CCAA!!
January 31, 2004 Move Kyra’s furniture into Sabrina’s room
February 15, 2004 Hang Sabrina’s curtains
February 18, 2004 THREE months DTC
February 22, 2004 5 months into the process
March 1, 2004 Received 'Brown Envelope' from Consulate in Guangzhou
March 9, 2004 June and July 1st – 20th DTC dates get referrals
March 18, 2004 FOUR months DTC
March 22, 2004 6 months into the process
March 28, 2004 Brian’s birthday! (37)
April 8, 2004 July 23-31st and August DTC dates get referrals
April 18, 2004 FIVE months DTC
April 22, 2004 7 months into the process
May 3, 2004 September and October 1-15th DTC dates get referrals - That means we could be NEXT!!
May 4, 2004 It's my 32nd birthday today!
May 18, 2004 SIX months DTC - We should know who she is before we hit SEVEN months DTC!!!!
May 22, 2004 8 months into the process
June 8, 2004 OUR REFERRAL DAY!!!!!! October 15 - November 25 DTC dates get referrals!
June 10, 2004 Get referral packet in the mail and fed ex our referral acceptance back to GWCA
June 11, 2004 GWCA fed ex's our referral acceptance to the CCAA. Now we just wait for our Travel Approval (TA)
July 13, 2004 FINALLY get our Travel Approval!!! (5 weeks after referral!)
August 11, 2004 Leave for China!!!
August 16, 2004 GOTCHA DAY! We get Sabrina today!
August 17, 2004 Adoption FINAL!
August 26, 2004 Home from China

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Visit Sabrina Rose's complete website: http://home.alltel.net/jlpsu/

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