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International Adoption Stories

The China Adoption of Sabrina Rose.

Our Trip to China!

August 14 - Beijing - Great Wall and Tien An Amen Square
Today was an amazing day. We started out early and went to Tien An Amen Square and the Forbidden City. The forbidden city is where the Emporers of China lived. What an amazing place. There are 9,999 rooms in the forbidden city and it is surrounded by walls. It took us a good 2 hours just to walk through the grounds. We also know now what it's like to be famous. The Chinese people here, even in Beijing, are not all that used to white faces. Brian's picture was taken a few times...and our friends Lisa and Glenn's son Dawson was definitely the star of the show. So many Chinese women came and asked if they could take a picture with the children of the group. It was sort of weird being the center of attention like that.

After that we went to the Great Wall of China. That was simply as amazing as I'd imagined. The history in this country is just awesome. The Great Wall is VERY steep...as you will see in the pictures (link below). We climbed to the third tower, which in the pictures is visible as the first tower on the left that is against the sky line. If it looks like you've got the wrong tower because there is no way we climbed that high...think again. We climbed and climbed and climbed. Not all the way to the top, because I wanted to live long enough to get Sabrina! But, we climbed farther than most. Coming down was just as hard as going up...and both were very hard on the knees. I certainly don't look my best in these pictures, but heck, I'm on the Great Wall, so who cares!?!

Ok...so here are the pictures. Click HERE to see the pictures from today! I'm too exhausted to write more today. I thought I'd be writing more, but the jet lag combined with climbing that Great Wall today has left me without the desire to type tonight! Tomorrow we fly to Wuhan, and then on Monday morning we will meet our daughter!! I'll post again tomorrow! ~Jenna (more...)
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