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International Adoption Stories

The China Adoption of Sabrina Rose.

Our Trip to China!

August 15 - Leaving Beijing Today
Hello all again. It is now 6:45 Am on August 15th in China (6:15 PM on August 14th on the East Coast of USA). I thought I'd add some more to my journal this morning, as I have been too exhausted to write much in the evenings. The time change, in cooperation with the high level of activity is making me sleep VERY well at night!

So, what can I add now to our experience yesterday? Well, I did forget to mention the street vendors. The street vendors outside

Tien An Amen Square are like nothing I've ever seen. You could file a police report in the USA if you were approached this way! They follow you for blocks, shoving stuff in your face, yelling prices at you, and no matter how many times you say "NO" (It's universal), they still follow you. Yesterday, a street vendor selling 'jade' budda's followed Brian for 3 blocks yelling at him. It was too funny...but sometimes a little disconcerting too. We were told that there are 1.2 billion people in this country...I just didn't think we'd see them all yesterday! :-) The streets were unbelievably crowded. I never would have imagined so many people. I know you hear about how crowded the country is, but it's hard to visualize. Let me tell you, they aren't exaggerating!!

The people here are just lovely. Really lovely. They smile, they wave, they follow you around to have their pictures taken with you :-) The people here are genuinely friendly...much UNLIKE our trip to Russia 5 years ago. It's like night and day. The food is also good...but I am having to get used to some things. The fish yesterday was brought with the head and tail still on. The chicken in the grocery store still has it's head on. Stuff like that. But, I'm doing just fine with my rice and vegetables! No matter how many times I told Brian to practice with Chop Sticks, he never did, and he's sorry now! Last night our restaurant had forks, so he was happy...but the night before was comical. He joked that he would lose 30 pounds on the "chop stick" diet while in China. The Chop Stick Diet being that he couldn't get a thing in his mouth! I was laughing so hard, I'm sure that the waitress thought we were crazy. Glenn said that he'd see Brian at 3 in the morning on some infomercial touting the "chop Stick Diet". Our friends Glenn and Lisa are also adopting from QiChun, and we've been spending a lot of time with them. I met Lisa online many many months ago and we've been in touch via e mail and the phone for months. It was really nice to finally meet them! The are also with GWCA and will be with us the entire time. They brought their son Dawson with them...what a trooper that kid is. You can see their picture on my picture page from yesterday. Little Dawson is just 3, but he climbed the whole Great Wall as far as we did! I kept thinking of our kids and how they would have been on the Great Wall. Joshua would have been 10 steps in front of us and running, and Kyra would be sitting on the step saying that she wasn't sure at all that she liked this 'sweating' stuff :-) She is definitely ALL Girl and Josh is definitely ALL boy. There have been several instances that I was happy that we did not bring them. Not that we don't miss the heck out of them..because we do...but with the crowded streets and the intense local curiosity, I would have been a wreck with them with us. Also, I'm not sure how Josh would have handled all the people wanting their picture with him....Little Dawson has been a very good sport about it all. The people here just love him!

I've been able to get a lot of e mails here in China. It's weird...I am totally connected to everyone even though I am half way around the world. We are getting e mails from friends and family every day! We miss our kids, but it's very nice hearing how they are doing from their own mouths. We rented a Panda Phone and have been able to talk to the kids every day.

Well, that's it. I'll post more later. We are heading to Wuhan in a little bit here and then we will get Sabrina tomorrow!! I will DEFININTELY post then! I am enjoying posting and journaling our story. I hope you are enjoying reading it!! Keep up those e mails everyone! It makes me feel less homesick! Talk to you from Wuhan! ~Jenna (more...)

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