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International Adoption Stories

The China Adoption of Sabrina Rose.

Our Trip to China!

August 15 - Wuhan
We are in Wuhan! Our Hotel is right downtown and the city is very big. I took some pictures on the drive from the airport to the hotel. The river you see in the pictures is the Yangtze River which is a huge river that runs through many provinces in China. The tower you see is the Yellow Crane Tower. We will be visiting that in a few days so I will know better what that is...but I know it's very very old. The other photos are of the hotel, and one that I love is of the supermarket....Have you ever seen some place so crowded? It was amazing. We had several little kids follow us through the store, obviously daring each other to say hello to us. One by one they finally got up the nerve, and they'd run up and say hello and giggle and run away. It was hysterical. We get A LOT of attention here...wait until tomorrow when we get our babies. We will get even more attention from the locals. Crossing the street here is an adventure in itself. The crosswalks are there, but I'm not sure why. People just cross major roads and just assume the cars will stop! We just followed the locals as they seemed to know what they were doing!

You will also see a crib in the pictures....I'll tell you it really hit home when we walked into that room today and saw the crib, ready and waiting! It is all so surreal....I can't even explain the feeling...except to say that it does not feel real. I can't believe we will see our baby girl tomorrow. I just can't believe it. One family is adopting a girl who is almost 4 and who has been with the same foster family since birth. I am wondering how that is going to go. I am also, of course, wondering how our own Sabrina will handle this. Hopefully tomorrow we will have many of our questions answered!
I will not post again until after we have Sabrina (holy smokes!)...so I'll be in touch tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the pictures from today by going HERE. See you tomorrow! ~Jenna (more...)


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