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International Adoption Stories

The China Adoption of Sabrina Rose.


A Chinese Name: Qi Chun, Jia Ling
American Name: Sabrina Elizabeth JiaLing
Date of Birth: May 10, 2003
Date of Referral: June 8, 2004
Province: Hubei
City: QiChun
She is in foster care, but the foster care is associated with the QiChun Social Welfare Institute
We are hoping to travel before she's 15 months!!!!

Hubei is considered on of the 'blast furnaces' of china (Read: VERY HOT!)....but here's our daughter in a snow suit...in front of a Palm Tree no less!! The Chinese people strongly believe in keeping the babies covered at all times. To do otherwise, they believe, will lead to illness. That her foster Mommy bundled her up like this, proves to us that she is very well loved! (more...)


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