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The China Adoption of Sabrina Rose.

We are Brian and Jenna and we live in lovely Pennsylvania. Brian is 37 years old, and Jenna is 32. We have three beautiful children, Kyra - age 7, Joshua - age 6, and Sabrina - age 18 months. Joshua was adopted when he was 9 months old in 1999 from Ulyanovsk, Russia and Sabrina was adopted from Qi Chun, China in August 2004! Kyra is not adopted.

We both went to Penn State University, although we didn't know each other there, and we graduated 5 years apart. We are both ttp://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js">

Penn Staters to the core! Brian is a Financial Consultant and Jenna is a Software Developer, although neither of those fields are anything related to our Penn State degrees! Jenna actually went back to college as an adult to obtain a second degree in Computer Technology. Jenna is currently on a leave of absence to spend time with Sabrina.

Brian has one sister, and Jenna has two brothers and one sister. Jenna's youngest brother was adopted from Korea when he was 10 months old (he's now 29!), and Jenna's sister also adopted a baby boy from Russia one year after our own son came home. When all is said and done, we are the aunt and uncle to 6 nieces and nephews! Both of our parents on both sides are still living (Thank God!) and we are very blessed to have our entire families living in close proximity to us. Everyone in the family have been very suppportive of both of our adoption journeys.

I think that's about the gist of "us"! Peruse our site and learn more about us and about China adoption! We hope to eventually have another page dedicated to Russian adoption - but that will be quite an undertaking since all of our notes are handwritten! Still, now that we (by "we", I mean "Jenna"!) know how to do this web site thing, we'd like to document our journey to adopt Joshua in 1999. Stay tuned for that! (more...)

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(Content used with permission- http://home.alltel.net/jlpsu/)


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