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China Adoption

Summary: China has issued new rules limiting the people who qualify for adoption from China. But these heartwarming stories will remind you why you are interested and dedicated to China Adoption.

China Adoption News

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China Adoption: Stability

China Adoption is considered by many in the international adoption community to be the most stable of the countries currently open for international adoption. The China adoption process is considered fairly predictable although there is always the possibility that delays may occur on a particular adoption or nationally. The SARS pandemic delayed many waiting for China adoption in 2003 and there are current delays as prospective parents wait for referrals during their China adoption.

China adoption was opened to the international adoption process in the early 1990’s and by 2004, placed about 7,000 children with loving parents. In 2005 that number was above 7900. Nearly 95% of China adoption children are girls. (Adoption Statistics) Most China adoptions occur with the help of an international adoption agency.

China Adoption: International Adoption and The China Adoption Process.

China adoption occurs after prospective parents complete a personal dossier and homestudy, a process called “The Paperchase”, prospective parent(s) submit their paperwork to The Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA). This is commonly called DTC or Dossier to China. This phrase is unique to China in China adoption. CCAA will then process the application and match approved prospective parents with a child.

Once the prospective parent(s) are DTC, the wait can be as short as 6 month for a referral, but wait times since mid 2005 have stretched to as long as 12 months for China adoption. The referral is when the child and her new parents are paired. Travel dates for China adoption generally come 6-8 weeks after the referral.

China adoption requires one trip by the adoptive parent(s) with a typical stay of about two weeks. Generally, travelers fly to Beijing and spend several days sight seeing and shopping. Then they travel on to the province where there child is living if it is a distance from Beijing.

After arriving in the province, “Gotcha Day” arrives. Most often, caregivers travel with the children to the hotel where the soon to be parents are staying. The parents then become the caregivers to the child who stays with them. The child and parents of China adoption spend several days bonding while paperwork is process allowing travel to Guangzhou.

The new family then travels to Guangzhou. Time in Guangzhou includes medical visits, a U.S. Consulate (or the new parents country’s Embassy) appointment and ceremony, sightseeing, shopping and bonding. During this time the China adoption is finalized, the babies travel visa and passport are issued and the family continues to bond.

The return flight is often quite long and memorable. Traveling to the U.S. from Guangzhou often includes a layover in Hong Kong, a U.S. city and then on to the final destination. Travel can last as long as 30 hours an more - as long as almost any in international adoption. And, like all adoptions, China adoption makes it worth the trip!

China Adoption: The Media

China adoption has continued to get more attention in the media in recent years. Children from early China adoption have now reached their teen years and are acting as mentors for newly adopted children. As China adoption occurs, it seems that more people are drawn to international adoption, especially China adoption.

China Adoption: A current look at China adoption, adoption news, options and concerns about international adoptions.

We hope you find this article on China Adoption helpful. Please email us if you have any feedback.

China Adoption News - Feature News Story About China Adoption.

Locals enjoy success with foreign adoption
By Marla Stroupe
For The Sun News

Drs. Stephanie and Scott Brumfield are old hands at foreign adoption. Of their four children, two have been adopted from China and plans are under way to adopt another.(Read More)

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