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International Adoption - China

Our Trip to get Jasmine.

The time had finally come to bring Jasmine home. We flew from Guangzhou to Hong Kong to Taipei and then got ready for our long flight to Los Angeles. Jasmine did really well on the plane. We had upgraded to business class and we are so glad that we did, since it gave us a lot more space. They actually made a small bed for Jasmine to sleep in on the floor in front of our chairs. She slept quite good on the flight and didn't fuss very much at all.




After being on the road for almost 30 hours we were ready to board our final flight. It was the worst one of the whole trip. The flight was overbooked, so it was packed, it was hot and it was a red-eye flight. This was the only time that Jasmine cried and she just was not happy at all.


Can't say that I blamed her; at that point I felt like crying too. I was hot, tired and I just wanted to be home...

Finally, On Saturday morning, May 24, 2003 we made it home to Cincinnati.



Big sister Cera and big brother Alex were waiting for us at the airport. Here is them meeting Jasmine for the first time....


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