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International Adoption - China

Our Trip to get Jasmine.

"GOTCHA DAY" On Wednesday morning, May 14, 2003 we heard that the babies were in the lobby of the hotel. So, we all run downstairs where we got our first peek at our babies. The nannies were holding them and we were standing quite a bit away so we were all trying to figure out which baby was ours. It was hard to see the babies because it was kind of dark in the lobby and there was this huge window behind them which made it even harder to see.

We didn't know it at the time but Jasmine is the baby at the far left in the picture below.

After standing there in the lobby for a few minutes we were told that we would be getting the babies in the toyroom of the hotel. So we all dashed off to the 11th floor where we waited for them to bring us our babies. They finally came in and lined up on one side of the room.

They called our names one by one and we were the third family to be called. When Jasmine was handed to me she didn't cry. She just looked around at everyone in the room. She seemed so confused and so scared....

Mommy got to hold her first......

and then it was daddy's turn...


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