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International Adoption - China

Our Trip to get Jasmine.

After we brought Jasmine to our hotel room we decided to take some of her clothes off. All the babies were dressed in these thick, quilted suits even though it was about 90 degrees outside! Jasmine was sweating so much, so we took the quilted suit off first. She had another layer of clothes on underneath! She started crying a little bit, so we gave her a bottle, which she drank immediately.

Jasmine was making wonderful eye contact with us from the moment we brought her to the room, which we thought was wonderful. Even though she would look at us with these big, brown eyes, we could tell that she was sad and confused....

After we had been in our room for a while, the orphanage staff came to answer any of our questions. Jasmine was happy to see some familiar faces and the nannies were very anxious to hold her again. They answered some of our questions and gave us some pictures of the orphanage.



They also gave us back all the items that we had sent to Jasmine after we got our referral, including the disposable camera!!! The only item that was not returned was a receiving blanket. We later found out that the other families that had sent a blanket didn't get theirs back either. I can only assume that the orphanage needed the blankets for the other babies.
The staff also gave us a necklace as a gift for Jasmine. (more...)


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