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International Adoption - China

Our Trip to get Jasmine.

Later that afternoon we started the adoption and went to the notary office to do the paperwork.

We were required to wear our masks there due to SARS. This was the only time that we wore our masks while in China...

The entire time that we were at the notary office the nannies were holding the babies, talking to them, kissing them and playing with them.
It was obvious to all of us that they loved our babies very much...


It was also obvious that it was starting to get difficult for some of them to say goodbye.
After all the paperwork was done the time had come to say goodbye. The nannies, the vice-director and the director all walked us to the bus. The vice-director took the time to gave each of the babies a kiss on the forehead before we got on the bus. When we drove away all of the orphanage staff started to cry. It was very emotional for all of us as well, knowing that we would most likely never see the people again that raised our children for the first 10 months of their lives...
It is a good feeling for us to know that these people obviously loved Jasmine and the other babies and took good care of them.


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