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International Adoption - China

Our Trip to get Jasmine.

We stayed in Changsha, Hunan for 5 days, waiting for the adoption to become final. Because of SARS there weren't many things that we were able to do, but besides visiting Changsha University, we visited the Hunan Embroidery Institute where they truly have some amazing pieces, we walked the streets of Changsha, we visited the park, and just hung out at our hotel.
The first 3 days of our stay in Changsha we had no luggage. Unfortunately our luggage got lost somewhere along the way. It was awful not to have any clothes for us or toys for Jasmine. Luckily we had a great group of people in our travel group who we were able to borrow clothes and toys from. We had all our paperwork in our carry-on bag, so we had no trouble starting the adoption. But what a relief when our suitcase finally arrived!!!


Every day we could see the changes in Jasmine. She was becoming more and more comfortable with us, she always had a ready smile for everyone in our group and she was starting to explore and become a lot more open.

Just take a look :


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