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International Adoption - China

Our Trip to get Jasmine.


When we first got Jasmine in Changsha we had noticed that there was something wrong with her hearing. At the time of referral there was no mention of hearing loss, but after we got her, it became clear to us that there was a problem. During the medical exam in Guangzhou we were also told that there was a problem with her hearing. Not a surprise to us, since we had already figured it out.

Our plan was to not make a big deal about it in China and have her hearing checked after we were back home in the States. However, we were then asked if we wanted to look at another child since Jasmine now had to be classified as a special needs child for the consulate appointment. NO WAY were we going to give this little angel up just because there is a problem with her hearing. We realize that they were just looking out for Jasmines best interests because we did request a "healthy child", but the thought of "trading in" this precious girl was inconceivable to us!!! We were so scared that we would not be able to bring Jasmine home, but all we needed was a homestudy addendum and we needed to write a statement saying that we were aware of Jasmines hearing loss and that we still wanted her. The consulate appointment was the following day and Jasmine got her visa without a problem.

We were in Guangzhou for only 3 days and in those 3 days we shopped, went to the jade and pearl market, had some nice meals, including a traditional dim sum lunch, shopped some more and went on a wonderful river cruise during our last evening in China.


Our travelgroup did not stay at the White Swan Hotel like most adoptive families do. We stayed at the China Hotel. However, we did want a traditional red couch picture, so we all took a trip down to the lobby of the White Swan and had the kids' picture taken on the famous red couch.


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