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China Adoption

The Koper's Story (China)

4 December 2004

Today was a nice day that started out not so nice. We got up early (on time) and had real difficulty getting Katie to eat anything. We left the hotel around 9 am for a city tour of Guangzhou given and planed by our CCAI guide, Maggie. Places visited: old Buddhist Temple, Arts and Crafts Store, Arts nd Crafts Museum, lunch at an authentic Cantonese restaurant.... and we hit a few new milestones today along the way!

First stop, the Six Bayan TenpleSix Banyan's Temple which has a famous Pagoda (best preserved of its kind in Guangzhou) and we got Katie blessed by a Buddhist monk. Here is the pagoda which is about 9 stories tall... we climbed its stairs and they are very tiny with low ceilings in places (4 feet only).

But, we viewed the rest of the temple before climing the pagoda. The main room had the three Buddhas which were about 12-15 feet each...

It was very bright in the sun and dark in the shadows so it was difficult to get good photos since flash photography was not permitted...(more...)

Read the Koper's complete travel journal: http://homepage.mac.com/koper4/home/

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