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Chinese Earthquake Leaves Many Willing to Adopt Orphans.


Chinese earthquake adoption offers pour in from Chinese in Earthquake Aftermath.

It is being reported that Chinese people are eager to adopt children orphaned by the earthquake that his the country May 22nd . The Chinese earthquake left more than 55,000 dead and an estimated 4,000 children orphaned.

There have been many stories of parents being reunited with their parents in areas surrounding Sichuan Province, but many more stories of heartbreak have occurred throughout the country.

Nearly 5 million Chinese were also displaced by the earthquake. Many families have been separated in the quake’s aftermath resulting in many children and parents searching to reunite their families.

The migration of people from rural areas to cities has dramatically exacerbated the number of separated Chinese families. With parents often working hundreds or thousands of miles away from their spouses and children a growing desperation has taking hold of the country.

Currently, the government is housing children together in large camps and stadiums to make it easier for oversight and to make it easier for the possibility that their parents may find them.

Throughout China, there has been an outpouring of willingness of people to adopt children orphaned by the quake. A long history of bureaucratic red tape, cultural stigma, poverty and government mandates have made adoptions of Chinese children by Chinese people somewhat rare.

Official government policies on adoption and the laws that govern adoption will not be changed as a result of the earthquake.

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