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China Adoption

Summary: China adoption news causes concern among many in the international adoption community as the process grows longer. Chinese government officials state that there are fewer children available for adoption due to the growing middle class in the country. Wonderful stories of adoption still inspire many and China has seen growth in the adoption of special needs children.


Could there be more news about international news lately? It seems that nearly every day there is another press story. China adoption will face new restrictions. The U.S. Government questions adoptions from Guatemala. Ukraine revises the rules on international adoption.

As there are many stories that question international adoption, there seem to be just as many joyous stories of adoption.

China adoption stories are some of the most promising and inspiring stories.

China Adoption: Infertility

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were more than 7.3 million women who had fertility issues in 2002. These difficulties ranged from getting pregnant to carrying to term.

China adoption, often, but of course not always, is an option for prospective parents who have struggled with fertility issues. Many have been through the common cycles of trying homeopathic remedies to the latest in modern science. From tracking temperatures and days to the latest prescription medications, infertility is still common.

China Adoption: Options

There are many options available to those seeking to become a parent. Domestic adoptions and international adoptions are an option that many are led to. China adoption is one of the most common options in international adoptions.

China is seen as a stable and predictable option. Children are most often healthy and free from the concerns that accompany many international adoptions. The process is well mapped and conventional.

Prospective parents are often drawn to China adoption because of the perceived predictability in contrast to the unpredictable nature of fertility treatments.

China Adoption: Concerns and the One Child Policy

As with all international adoptions, China adoptions are not without concern. A country with human rights issues as well documented as China can not help but have some concerns. The One Child policy in China is well documented.

China instituted a one child policy to attempt to stem the growth of its population. This policy has become ingrained in the culture and exerts a great deal of pressure on women throughout China.

The one child policy causes a large number of children to be abandoned and placed in the care of the government in orphanages throughout the country.

China Adoption: Adoption Statistics from China

2006 saw a dramatic drop in the number of children adopted by foreigners in China. There were nearly 20% fewer adoptions from China in 2006 than 2005. The official line from the Chinese Government is that there are fewer children available. Some speculate, however, that the government is trying to ‘clean up’ its image in preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

It is likely that again there may be fewer adoptions from China in 2007. With new restrictions placed on who can adopt, it is likely that more people will look elsewhere for their international adoption. New rules stipulate limits on age, weight and mental history.

Adoption from China is very recognizable. Most people know someone who has adopted from China and had a wonderful experience. China adoption, although slowed, is still a great option for those looking to international adoption to grow a family.

Enjoy these China Adoption Stories.

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