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International Adoption - China

"Can I have a potsticker for dinner, daddy?" (China)

Our adoption story

It was 1:00 a.m. at Sea-Tac airport and there were several families and friends waiting there to greet us. Shu Shu went straight up to my dad and let her pick her up! My dad was thrilled. As we were driving down I-5 to go home, my mom's cell rings, it's my brother, it seems my sister-in-law just five minutes ago had given birth to my nephew! Two babies, delivered on the same day, our babies will share this close bond. When we got home, we brought Shu Shu in the house and she was very frightened. She did not and still does not like dogs, so our little Pomeranian

scared her very badly. She needed to be changed and as soon as I took her in her new bedroom, she was again scared and she peed all over herself, I felt very bad for her. That night, she slept in our bed because she was so scared of our house. We were severely jet-lagged and slept and slept, at one point, we woke up to Shu Shu sitting straight up in our bed looking around, she didn't know where she was, it was so sad, but just having us being next to her was keeping her calm. That week we took her to the doctor with a high fever, she had pneumonia. She recovered quickly with a round of antibiotics; she was very healthy, other than the pneumonia.

That week, she learned to say her first English word, baby (we called all of her stuffed dolls and toys, babies). She learned to talk and speak in sentences, very fast! It's now a year after the time when we brought her home and this amazing little person is saying sentences like, "Mommy, I love you" and "Can I have a cookie, please?" "I have no idea" "Can I have a potsticker for dinner, daddy?" It absolutely amazes us that she has understood everything we've said to her almost from the beginning and can speak so well. She loves big brother, Blake but also tells him what to do, size does not matter, I guess! She idolizes him because he does 'big boy' activities, like riding his quad, she watches him with wide eyes, and he lets her play X-Box, she'll come running into me and say, "I'm playing X-box with Blake, mommy" and she's so excited about it!

Shu Shu, (Bergandie), is now 28 months old and we've been telling her about her baby sister that is on the way. Blake is now 15 and he's in the 9th grade, he's a good boy with a kind heart and he loves his sister and is excited about the new baby and another trip to China. Our dossier goes in this Friday to China and we anxiously await the daughter that will complete the Parkins family.

Reneé and Robert Parkins
Blake 15
Bergandie 2
Brandie - coming soon!
Cle Elum, Washington

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Read more of the Parkins' story. Along with information on their upcoming trip to China. www.geocities.com/latterenee/chinadolls

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