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Christian Adoption

Christian Adoption with Celebrate Children International.

See the God possibility is every situation. Flex with Gods plans. Adjust your hopes and dreams to His. Go for it with God. Reach for the stars.

These were challenges Michael and Brianna Nelson heard from the pulpit early this year as they thought about, prayed about, and researched adoption. February 11, 2005 they stumbled upon an agency on the internet with the logo Reach for the Stars.

It caught their attention having recently heard the phrase in a sermon. Celebrate Children International was hosting an orientation the next day where they heard many stories of God bringing forever families together.

Two days later Michael, who was still thinking about adoption, said, Lets see who God has for us. Michael and Brianna contacted Sue Hedberg at CCI the following morning to begin their paperwork and were told an 8 month old boy had just become available for adoption through the orphanage system.

Michael and Brianna thought it was interesting, but were just starting out he couldn't be for us could he? they wondered.

Later that same day friends who had been praying for Michael and Brianna, as they sought the Lord about adoption, gave them an envelope with a check for $2700 the amount they needed to begin the adoption process.

Mitch and Emily shared that they felt the Lord wanted to do something in their lives. They had planned to use their tax return to buy a table saw, but felt the Lord wanted to use it to impact a life for eternity.

Michael and Brianna stayed up late that night working on applications and home study forms there was a sense of urgency.

They didn't know what the Lord was planning, but wanted to be ready.

Two weeks later Michael and Brianna received a call from Sue about the baby boy in the orphanage. This little boys situation is really miraculous.

Often the government makes a child wait 3-5 years to get an abandonment decree. He's not only been to court, but I have the paper work in hand, which can take many additional months.

They received this picture shortly after with the question: Do you want to pursue adopting him?

Michael and Brianna were feeling amazed and overwhelmed, by the Lord. It seemed like He said no to another child so many times through miscarriages (they've had a total of four).

This looked like a long awaited YES!!!

The adoption of then 12 month old Robert John Nelson, was finalized on July 4, 2005, less than three months after Michael and Brianna completed their dossier.

As Michael and Brianna chose to trust the Lord and adjust their hopes and dreams to His they never imagined the miracle they would get to be a part of or the joy they would experience in having a son grafted forever into their family.

Isaiah 12:4b-5a Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name; make known His deeds among the peoples, proclaim that His name is exalted.

Sing praises to the Lord for he has done gloriously.

This story was provided by Celebrate Children International. http://www.celebratechildren.org/

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