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Guatemala Adoption

Deciding on Which Country is Part of the International Adoption Process.


International Adoption: How to Choose a Country -- What You Should Know:Many developing countries throughout the world have adoption policies that allow adoption by foreigners. Many of these countries are in Asia, Eastern Europe, South and Central America and a growing number of countries in Africa.

Although some couples have an easy decision when looking in to a birth country, other couples go through a long decision making process including research, heartfelt discussion, classes and coursework and interviewing adoption agencies.
As U.S. citizens, there are a number of mandatory requirements for prospective parents. In addition, each country that allows foreign adoption will also have specific rules. In the U.S., it is required that prospective parents must be U.S. citizens and over the age of 25.

Looking in to international adoption, requirements like marital status, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, mental and physical will play a large role in the decision making process. China, one of the countries most active in international adoption, is soon to add new restrictions on adoptive parents.

Timing is often another issue in the decision making process. Although each adoption is unique, countries like Guatemala often have the shortest adoption process. Guatemalan children are often the youngest adopted with ages as young as 3-6 months. Timing in countries like China vary greatly from year to year. The ‘waiting’ time in China has grown a great deal in recent years.

Another issue that often plays in to the decision of what country to adopt from is ethnicity. Both of the prospective parents and the child. Although it may sound insensitive, it is important for parents to be comfortable with the ethnicity of the child they are adopting.

Another factor is the setting the child is coming from for the adoption. Many countries use foster homes to care for children. Other’s use orphanages. This difference may have an impact on the development, attachment and health of the children.
Travel is also something that people examine. There can be multiple trips to the country required – or no trips at all. Some countries allow children to be escorted in to the United States.

One of the other factors is often the expenses involved. International adoption costs can range from less than $10,000 to well over $30,000.

There are many facets to deciding "what country" when thinking about international adoption.

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