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Ask the Doctor:

Mark Lerner, PhD.

Dr. Mark Lerner is a clinical psychologist who focuses on helping people during and in the aftermath of traumatic events. Since a significant number of adoptive children have been exposed to traumatic experiences, Dr. Lerner has a special interest in understanding the psychosocial and behavioral needs of these children. He is the President of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (www.AAETS.org), and the originator of the Acute Traumatic Stress Management intervention model (www.ATSM.org).

Dr. Lerner wrote and produced the newly released audio book, Surviving and Thriving: Living Through a Traumatic Experience. He is the Editor and Publisher of Trauma Response and Trauma Response E-News, the Academy’s official publications, and the author of four books.

Dr. Lerner maintains a special interest in helping adoptive parents meet the unique needs of their children. For further information about Dr. Lerner, including contact information, please visit www.DrMarkLerner.com.

Dr. Lerner

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