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European Adoption Consultants an Agency with Adoption Offices in 37 States.

European Adoption Consultants or EAC is an adoption agency helping families not only from Europe. EAC's adoption programs include Russia, China, Vietnam, Guatemala and Kazakhstan. European Adoption Consultants is based in North East Ohio and has European, Asian and Central American programs.


European Adoption Consultants was founded in 1991 by Margaret Ann Cole EAC offers adoption services from Russia, China, Vietnam, Guatemala and Kazakhstan.

European Adoption Consultants, or EAC, is based in Strongsville, Ohio. According to Newsweek Magazine, the agency boasts over 5000 completed adoptions and office hours 7 days a week. EAC holds seminars in 37 states and have representatives in seven.

Executive Director Margaret Cole is an adoptive mother of two. After the death of her daughter Alicia of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Cole started learning more about adoption and eventually, European Adoption Consultants. The agency says that 55% of their adoption consultants are also adoptive parents.

European Adoption Consultants uses the phrase, “We help families adopt, one child at a time.”

One of the events European Adoption Consultants hosts is a Memorial Day Picnic with over 3000 people, a “Come to America” parade and other events.

EAC also works through a charitable group called Project Sunshine that accepts donations to help orphans and orphanages around the world.

European Adoption Consultants
12608 Alameda Drive
Strongsville, OH 44149
Local (440) 237-3554
Toll Free (800) 533-0098
Fax (440) 237-6910

European Adoption Agency: Adoption Programs from Europe and Asia.

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