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Families Thru International Adoption

Families Thru International Adoption, or FTIA, is an adoption agency helping families adopt from Russia, China, Brazil, Guatemala, Vietnam and India.
FTIA just celebrated their 10th year!


Families Thru International Adoption is a non profit focusing on International Adoption. FTIA operates in the Midwest including: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Pennsylvania along with New Jersey and New York.

FTIA programs offer adoption from Russia, China, Brazil, Guatemala, Vietnam and India. FTIA works with approximately 300 adoptions per year.

Keith M. Wallace founded Families Thru International Adoption in the early 90’s after working as an adoption attorney for more than 20 years. Wallace lived and worked in China where he found his desire to help international children.

As part of the agency’s mission, they say, “Families Thru International Adoption is committed to providing assistance to children around the world. When reuniting with the birth family is not possible, we work diligently to find caring families who long to provide permanent, stable, and loving homes for these children.”

On the humanitarian front, FTIA helped found Heartland Medical Express a group that provides medical help to children.

Families Thru International Adoption, Inc.
400 Bentee Wes Court
Evansville, IN 47715
Telephone: 812-479-9900 Toll Free: 888-797-9900
FAX: 812-479-9901

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