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Vietnam Adoption Agencies

Vietnam Adoption has reopened and a number of adoption agencies have begun work with the country. Families Thru International Adoption (FTIA) is one of the first agencies to become licenced.

Families Thru International Adoption (FTIA) has become one fo the first international adoption agencies to receive and official license to begin adoption work in Vietnam. There are very few agencies in the U.S. awarded a license. Several European adoption agencies have been working on adoptions from Vietnam for some time.

Vietnam Adoptions were halted in January, 2003 by the government of Vietnam due to severe discrepancies in how adoptions were handled within the country. Since 2003, Vietnam has established a federal international adoption department, as part of the Ministry of Justice, to handle oversight of international adoptions and procedures.

According to Keith Wallace, adoption attorney and Executive Director of FTIA, "When adoption is available, children do get a chance for a better life, and there is significant interest in Americans wanting to adopt from Vietnam.

Wallace also mentions parallels between American's awareness of Vietnam adoption as it relates to the more common Chinese adoptions,"People are very familiar with Asian adoption because China is a major country for international adoption."

An agreement between the governments of the United States and Vietnam in mid 2005 opened the door for Vietnam adoptions.


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