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Guatemala Adoption News

Summary: The U.S. Government announces that it no longer recommends adoption from Guatemala.


According to the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Government is no longer recommending adoption from Guatemala due to the adoption process.

According to a release on the State Department website on March 14, 2007 there are "serious problems with the adoption process in Guatemala".

Concerns stem from claims that the Guatemalan government does not work to ensure that children, birth mothers and prospective parents are protected from unscrupulous people working with adoptions in Guatemala.

The U.S. government is also scrutinizing individual cases of adoption from Guatemala and recommends that Americans do not move forward with adoption plans at this time.

The issues related from the U.S. government pertain to Guatemalan adoption fall in to four areas.

1. Conflicts of Interest: There have been many cases where a Guatemalan notary, acting on behalf of the birth mother, also acts as the granting judge on cases. That means that the same person who is soliciting consent for the adoption interacts with the birthmother and the prospective parents.

This situation creates conflicts of interest that make it possible for the many interests in the adoption have balanced protection.

2. Government Oversight: The Guatemalan government is largely inactive in the adoption process. They enforce little oversight in a largely unregulated process.

This leaves questions as to the birth mothers true intent and willingness to place her child for adoption without threats or monetary incentives. There have also been many cases where large amounts of money have been extorted from adoptive parents in the middle of the adoption process preying on their emotional attachment.

3. Foster Care: Much like the adoption process, Foster Care is largely unregulated in Guatemala. Although most foster care situations are beneficial for the orphan child, there have been a number of reported instances of "grossly inadequate care".

4. Hague Convention: Although Guatemala has signed the Hague Convention, they have never become compliant with many of its core tenants that protect children. The country has been unwilling to create a "central authority" to oversee adoption in Guatemala.

The good Guatemala adoption news on the horizon is that the Guatemalan government is planning on releasing new rules on inter-country adoption. These new rules, relating to the Hague Convention on inter-country adoption, should work to ensure that all parties in adoption from Guatemala are protected.

Guatemala Adoption News from the U.S. Government

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