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Guatemala Adoption

John and Bill's Adoption Story (page 2)

We were stuck in PGN hell for 4 months before finally getting released on July 16, 2002. The final adoption decree was issued and a new birth certificate prepared. From there our adoption file went to Guatemalan Migration where they issued Danny a passport. This part of the process should have only taken a 2-3 weeks, but it took us almost 7-8 weeks to finally get Danny's passport.

After the passport was issued, we began to think about travel arrangements. We were anxious to get to Guatemala City and see Danny again. We finally got the call....our facilitator told us everything was complete and that it was time to travel to Guatemala. We were advised we would only be in Guatemala for 3 days, which is customary.

We arrived in Guatemala City on September 29, 2002. We were prepared to stay three days, but our coordinator in Guatemala City delivered devistating news the morning after our arrival. He informed us that the US Embassy requested that the birthmother sign an amendment to the final adoption decree. The birthmother had since left Guatemala City and moved several hours away. There was uncertainty as to whether or not she would return to sign another document. She was under no legal obligation to do so. This was an unusual request from the Embassy and it meant that we could not return to the US in three days, as originally planned. We were even more upset to learn that our facilitator and coordinator new about this delay before we left the US.

gay-adotion1They made no effort to tell us about the problem or advise us to delay travel. As a result we were stuck in a hotel in Guatemala City, had custody of our son, but not allowed to return to the US. We had to get our congressman involved as we were trapped in a desperate situation. Fortunately, our congressman's office in Washington DC got involved and called us every today to keep us informed of their progress. We had to remain in Guatemala for almost three weeks, and our hotel bill was over $3,400.00!!! Finally, after many sleepless nights, we received Visa approval from the US Embassy. On October 16, 2002, we took Danny to the US Embassy where they issued his Visa, permitting entrance into the US. We returned home with Danny on October 17, 2002!!!!

gay-adotion2We waited so long for "Gotcha Day" to bring Danny home. There were needless delays throughout our adoption process. We've since learned that our facilitator used a very s-l-o-w attorney that basically dragged his feet at every step. It was a tedious process, filled with emotional highs and lows. But what a joyous day it was when we brought our son home. (more...)

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