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Bring Manuel Home - Guatemala

The Adoption Process

When I began my Guatemala adoption adventure, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and the complicated process. Looking back, it hasn't been too difficult, taking it one step at a time.

I made my decision to adopt a Guatemala baby boy in March 2003. I started by researching adoption and international

adoption agencies on the Internet. To select an agency, I researched over 325 adoption agencies that serve Guatemala, and requested information packets from about 30 of those. I compiled the data into a spreadsheet and narrowed my choice to about four agencies.

From then on, I searched the photos of waiting children available through these agencies. That is when Manuel's picture was posted. He was about seven months old at that time. Reaching Arms International represented Manuel. I called about him and got his medical report and some information about his birthmother. My heart said that he was my son, so I had the agency hold him for me. I accepted his referral in August 2003, even before all my paperwork was complete.

guatemala-munuel1I had to scramble to compile my dossier and send it to Guatemala to be translated and filed with the court. A Guatemalan Dossier consists of a completed home study, birth, marriage, and divorce certificates, a medical exam, letters of reference from friends and my employer, and police clearances. (more...)

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