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Bring Manuel Home - Guatemala

The Adoption Process

I was finally able to enter the first phase, Guatemalan Family Court, where a social worker was assigned to review my application and conduct birthmother interviews. I completed family court in November 2003. Just before Christmas, I received US Immigration approval to proceed with the adoption. In January 2003, I entered the final court, "PGN," or the Guatemalan Attorney General. I am now waiting for DNA tests

to prove that the birthmother is biologically related to Manuel. This step prevents "baby stealing."

PGN will not grant final approval until the DNA results are in. Recently families have been in PGN for anywhere from two to ten weeks. After PGN approval, Manuel will get a physical, a new birth certificate, and a new passport. His legal adoption will then be complete! I will fly to Guatemala and meet my son. During a 2-3 day stay, I will obtain his visa and then bring him home. My daughter Kendrah and a friend will join me on this trip. I am already having nightmares about what I will forget to pack!

Guatemala-babyBack in the US, I will complete a re-adoption to make Manuel Antonio Padilla Tobar a US citizen and change his name. I am considering: Jack Anthony Manuel Drzewiecki.

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Read Manuel's Complete Story: https://home.comcast.net/~agarrett00/index.html

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