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Guatemalan Adoption: Keeping Guatemala Culture in Your Child's Life.

Traditions, home decore and clothing are a great way to keep Guatemalan Culture alive.


Many adoptive parents make valiant efforts not only to bring their adopted children home, but also the culture of their child’s birth country.

You read stories of American couples who have adopted from China celebrating Chinese New Year as an annual passage – complete with traditional dress, menus and wardrobe.

Many people who adopt from Guatemala make every effort to help their children embrace the culture of their birth country.

Like most countries in Central America, Guatemala’s culture is a mix of native cultures and Spanish traditions. The indigenous ancestry is particularly strong in Guatemala and acts as a common thread throughout the country. The large indigenous population, the Maya, are a distinct culture in a land often influenced by Europe and the U.S.

The Guatemala Adoptive Families Network is a group founded by adoptive families with children from Guatemala. The group works to support families with their adoptions and has many events and groups that support encouraging Guatemalan culture.

The Guatemala Adoptive Families Network works with adopted children and their families to maintain a lasting connection with Guatemala.

The group recommends a number of great web sites to keep your adopted child in touch with his or her birth country. One of the sites we think is very valuable is Terra Experience. This online store offers a number of Guatemalan items and dolls for children.

There are also a number of interesting items at Importu.. The shop is not adoption related, but it does offer clothing and furniture from Guatemala to help bring Guatemala Culture in to your home.

We've also found great information on De Guate. A site that outlines many traditions from throughout Guatemala.

And Mayan Traditions Fair Trade Market is also worth a stop.

Guatemalan culture is influenced greatly by its economy based on the export of many traditionally tropical crops. Sugar, bananas and coffee are the leading exports.

Keep traditions of Guatemala Culture Alive.

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