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Haiti Adoption Stories

Come Home Soon

Well, when we decided to adopt a little girl from Haiti, we had no idea what God had in store for us.

Kiara came home in March 2003 and we thought we were done. In January 2004, my husband Spike thought that we may want to adopt one more little girl from Haiti making us a family of six, so Kiara would have a sibling that 'looked like her'. I agreed and Karleigh came home in July 2004.

We were done at that point for sure, or so we thought. We had gone to a Haitian camp in August 2004 and there we saw a picture of a gorgeous little girl named Redeline. She'd hadn't been 'committed to' at the camp for any family so I thought I could find her a home (not thinking MINE!).

I tried and tried and wasn't able to, but Spike and I talked again and decided to add just 1 more to our ever-increasing family and make her ours.

We are naming her Ruby and she's now almost 2. We're praying that paperwork moves quickly so that she can come home soon.

Lori and Spike Shepler
Dustin (19y)
Brittany (13y)
Kiara (3y)
Ruby (2y)
Karleigh (16m)

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