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International Adoption - Haiti

My name is Robin and this is a pic of me with the little girl that I'm adopting.


My name is Robin and I am adopting a six-year old girl from A New Arrival Orphanage in Petionville, Haiti. I started the process a year ago and I am now in the Civil Court process. Haiti can be a very trying country to adopt from because of the constant delays and power struggles going on there all the time.

My little girl's birthname is Jennifer and I went to Haiti a month ago to see her for her 6th birthday. We bonded during the visit and now I can't wait to get her home.

I am chosing another name for her. Her new name will be Aliyah. I worked for 5 years as a private-duty nurse to woman who died at the age of 101. She left me some money and I used some of it to make a donation to On Wings Of Eagles which is an organization that brings Jews from various parts of the world to live in Israel.

The process of immigrating to Israel is called making Aliyah. The Rabbi in charge of the program goes to the Wailing Wall once a year to make prayers for the people who donated money the year before. I asked him to pray that I would be able to adopt a healthy baby girl. Later on, I decided to adopt an older child, but I gave her the name anyway.

The orphanage staff truly cares about the children there and the kids all look well fed and clean. The orphanage lacks running water and there is a well in the courtyard of the orphanage. I saw the nannies get water from the well to bathe the children and there are 50 children to bathe!

I am amazed at their dedication and love for the children. I am adopting as a single parent and I am so inpressed with A New Arrival Orphanage that I may adopt another child from there. I am hoping that Aliyah will be home for Christmas. I couldn't ask for a nicer present.

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