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Korea Adoption

Adoptive families share their experiences of adoption from Korea.

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With international adoption roots dating back to the end of the Korean War, there have been over 150,000 adoptions since the early 1950's from Korea. Nearly 2,000 children were adopted by U.S. citizens in 2003.

South Korea requires the use of an adoption agency, and like most countries requires a home study. South Korea is one of the rare countries that do not require travel, but it is an option. Adoptees can be escorted to their destination countries by an adoption agency and then united with the new parents upon arrival.

Wait times are from 5 months to over 2 years and vary with agencies. Agencies may also have affordable guest housing for people traveling to pick up their children.

Some agencies may also have a weight requirement for adoptive parents - this may vary from agency to agency. If the child will be your first you cannot specify gender, and it is most likely that you will get a boy. If you have one child already you may be able to select the gender. (this also varies by agency) If interested in adopting a girl the wait may be longer than for a boy. Prospective parents are required to be between 25 and 45 years old and married at least 3 years, no single parents, and some have a requirement for the number of children already in your home. Twins and siblings are extremely rare.

In comparison to China, there is no Dossier to prepare. Most all of the infants are in foster homes and extremely well cared for. They receive well baby visits once a month and their health progress is kept on record before and after the referral is given.
Health care in South Korea is on par with the US, but some Immunizations might have to be repeated. Prior to being granted entry into the U.S., children see a doctor for a check up.

Travel is usually around 7 days and parents receive their child the day or night before departing.

Korea has a population of approximately 48 million and is about the size of the U.S. state of Indiana. The countries life expectancy is approximately 76 years.
There is a very active Korean adoption community in the United States.

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