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Korean Adoption

An Adoption Story from Korea--Kaelin's Story: It Was Not My Plan

We received our referral after only 4 ½ months of waiting. It was so quick for a referral, but seemed like forever to see a picture of our daughter at the time. It was so much quicker than we expected, but she was ours. On March 19, 2003, our daughter, Kim HaeBin came home to us. I can’t even tell you in how many ways we knew she was ours. Her name was HaeBin in Korea. We had, the same month she was born, decided on Kaelin for her American name. She was born 7 years after our first daughter was supposed to be born, just one day short on August 24, 2002. She is everything we could have ever dreamed of and more. She smiles and everyone ahhhs. She talks and everyone ahhs. She’s smart, beautiful and everything I see my daughter being.

I never thought about the meaning of adoption before…….it’s love with no blood ties, just love for your child. There are no limits to this love and it’s not any different in any way than the love for a child you have given birth to. The only difference is you also have a great love for your child’s birthmother as well; this wonderful person who gave life to your child so unselfishly. It’s almost more indescribable than any other love I’ve felt, but I believe feelings for your children are indescribable because it’s larger than any other feeling we’ve ever felt before. We have blonde haired, brown-eyed boys and now have a black haired, brown-eyed girl and I can’t imagine our family any other way. We will be saving our pennies once again to go to Korea for another sister for our three children.

His plan was perfect. It wasn’t my plan or my husband’s it was His. I had other ideas when we were first married. Other ideas of what my life and family would be like. It’s not at all what I thought and I thank Him everyday for that. It’s exactly like I would have wanted it to be if I had known of this life before. We had heartbreak, but He was just getting us ready for something bigger. I can now see that everything in our lives is for a reason. With the adoption of our daughter I have gained a faith in God I never knew before. Even those really dark days have meaning down the road…..we just have to get there to know what it is and then……we are blessed. I look at my three children every night in awe of what God has given us and I’m at peace.

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