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Mama's Wish/Daughter's Wish

We can think of no better adoption related book released in 2005. "Mama's Wish/Daughter's Wish", written by Debbie Blackington, has an innovated design, an amazing story and beautiful artwork. Read the book from one direction and you'll read a heartwarming mother's story, then flip the book over and you'll read the adoption story from the perspective of her adoptive daughter.

This story is a great way to open discussions about adoption with your child and to show them another child's adoption and how it may be similar to theirs.

Here are some great reviews about the book.

--"Mama's Wish is the type of book that should adorn every adoptive family's
bookshelf.a universal picture of what adoption is truly about - love."

       Julia, College Student age 20, adopted from Korea

--"Mama's Wish actually opened the door to talk about the early circumstances
of my daughters' lives.just about every page, Lili (age 3) asked, "Me? Me?"

       Mary Beth, adoptive parent, 2 daughters from China

--"I got goose bumps the first time I read Mama's Wish.I love this book right
down to the symbolic red ribbon that flows throughout both stories forever
linking them."

       Val, adoptive parent, daughter from Russia

--"Mama's Wish/Daughter's Wish is the best explanation of adoption for
children yet."

       Helen, adoptive parent, daughter from China

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