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Myanmar Adoption: Cyclone in the former Burma brings questions about adopting children.


Burma adoption unlikely in the wake of cyclone. Many look for Myanmar adoption information.

In the days and weeks following the devastating cyclone in Myanmar there have been many in the adoption community interested in finding out more information about adoption from Myanmar. Myanmar adoption speculation has given risen to the risk of unscrupulous scams aimed at taking advantage of prospective parents.

With estimates from groups like Oxfam stating that nearly 5 million people will need some sort of assistance within Myanmar, many people begin to focus on the devastating need for stability and support of the country’s children.

Current reports estimate that as many as 1.5 million people are now homeless, and with the country’s ruling junta denying aide to many of those people, the humanitarian devastation is even more staggering.

One of the most challenging aspects of estimating the number of children affected in natural disasters, like the cyclone, is the inevitable separation of parents and families from their children. With limited government aide and heavily restricted international support, this challenge is even greater.

Currently, the U.S. Embassy in Rangoon states that government of Burma does not allow the adoption of children by prospective parents from other countries. People with citizenship are able to adopt children, but there are growing concerns about the number of children left without any type of support.

These challenges also bring rise to the risk of child trafficking. Children in outlying areas of Myanmar are particularly susceptible to trafficking because of a limited rule-of-law, corrupt government officials and the willingness of officials to deny this horrific crime.

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