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How have your family and friends reacted to your adoption?

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Kris, Pennsylvania - Adopted from Russia: They have been nothing but supportive and excited for us, even holding a fundraising party to help offset travel costs and gather donations for the orphanage. Since our son has been home they have all welcomed him with open arms, he is definitely spoiled by all of them. We feel very blessed for the support and love we received, it made the hard parts of our process alot easier to bear.

Renee, Washington - Adopted from China: Our family and friends were ecstatic when we told them about our adoption plans. They have been supportive and positive during our first Chinese adoption and again during our second Chinese adoption experience. Tell your friends and family right away, they will surprise you! During this waiting time especially, it's wonderful to have their support!

Cheryl, Alabama - Adopting from Panama: All of our friends think it is great and are extremely supportive. It is uncomfortable when some of our friends say what a wonderful thing we are doing to bring a child home. I guess we don't look at it that way. We just want more children to love and feel we are the ones that will be blessed.

We had mixed reactions in our family. My mom who is from Panama was shocked and not very supportive. She is concerned about the looks of our children and which part of the country they will come from. One of my sisters is not supportive at all. She does not talk to me about it. The rest of our siblings (my husbands and mine) are very supportive and interested in the process. My in laws are both supportive now that they realize that we are not interested in giving birth to any more children. This is our second attempt at adoption. Our last one in 2003 was interrupted due to my pregnancy with our beautiful daughter. We had to deal with a lot more opposition from our family that time. So this time we sent out a written letter to all of our family telling them of our plans and setting some boundaries with the adoption. This has worked well for us. This time everyone understands where we stand and what their role as family is in our journey.

Scott, Vancouver- Adopting from China: I can't believe how rude some people have been. Most people have been great, especially our friends, but a lot of family have responded with the first question, "How much will that cost?" I want to snap back that its none of their business, but I try to keep cool. We've got 2 older bio children and I remember how everyone would constantly give us advice about them when they were younger. Even people we didn't know had advice to offer. I guess this isn't much different. When you have a child people feel like they can say anything to you.

Fran, Washington DC - Adopted from Russia: Everyone was very supportive about our decision. It took my parents some time to understand why we had made our choice and to agree that it was the right choice for us.

Susan, Cincinnati - Adopting from China: Almost every person we've told about our upcoming adoption from China has had an incredibly supportive and positive reaction. I'm amazed at excited and interested people are when we tell them. It also seems like almost everyone knows someone who has adopted internationally and they can relate to our experience. We really feel like we're lucky to have such a great family and such wonderful friends.

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