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Russian Adoption Stories

Russian Adoption is one of the most active programs. We're featuring these personal adoption stories from Russia.


"King of the World" By Lois Stern: "It’s hard to believe that only three months have passed since we adopted Matthew from an orphanage in Vladivostok, Russia."

International adoption is their "Plan A": "My closest relationships in life are with people I am not biologically related to," says Deb Sumiec.(more adoption child Russia...)

A Russian adoption story about adoption agencies, photos, travel, waiting and love: The gift of Nathan: For months and months we waited, almost afraid to imagine what life with Nathan might be like. Now, we can't imagine life without him. (more...)

Russian Twins Bring Holiday Joy to Couple: An article from the Shelby County Reporter written by Fred Guarino. (more...)

A Plan For Us: My husband and I began our adoption process in October of 2003. We came to this decision like many other families do; I’m sure, after 9 unsuccessful infertility procedures. (more...)

Next steps after IVF | Adoption Child Russia: I have a question that I am hoping you and some of your members can help me with. I have been going through infertility for 5 years with 4 attempted IVF cycles and no luck. (more...)

Adoption Child Russia in Texas: We (innkeepers Mike and Cathy) went through an organization called Kidsave International to adopt two new Russian children in the summer of 2002. It has been one of the most fabulous experiences of our lives! (more adoption child russia...)


Journey to Emily and Amanda: John and I were married in September of 1997 at Walt Disney World in Florida. We both knew we wanted to try to start a family as soon as possible. While a year and a half is not a long time in terms of trying to have children, we thought it to be an eternity. Adoption was never far off in our minds. It was something we had discussed several times, not just as an option to infertility, but as a chance to give love to a child in this world who otherwise would not have a chance. One afternoon after another negative pregnancy test, I was devastated for yet another month. (more...)

The Kerik Family Story: Our story begins the day Scott and I were married! We both knew that kids were to be a part of our future together. After just a short time not being able to conceive we went to the Doctor to get things checked out! Well onto the specialist for Invitro-Fertilization process we went! (more...)

Enjoy these stroies about Adoption Child Russia.

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