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Russian Adoption: Details about Children and Families of Russian Adoption.

Personal International Adoption Stories and Information on Russian Adoption.


Russian Adoption has long been one of the most popular International Adoption programs. There have been some delays in Russian adoption recently due to pressure inside Russia to reform some child adoption laws and the re-accreditation of Russian adoption agencies. Russian adoption is considered one of the most stable international adoption programs. Recently some agencies have seen delays as changes in the Russian agency accreditation process have been occurred.

For US citizens, Russia is currently the second most popular country from which they choose to adopt. For Canadians, Russia is third behind China and Haiti. Americans adopted more than 4,630 children from Russia in 2005. (More Russian Adoption Statistics)

Russian adoptions come from throughout the country which includes people representing many ethnicities as do the children available for adoption. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the nation’s political and economic instability resulted in a growing number of children available for adoption. Children in Russian adoptions generally reside in orphanages and range in age from 8 months to 16 years.

Married couples and single women over the age of 25 are accepted for Russian adoption. Prospective parents are required to travel to Russia two times during the adoption process.

The first visit is for approximately one week, and the second for two to three. People under 45 are preferred in Russian adoption, as are those interested in adopting older children.

After the required dossier and paperwork are completed and accepted by the Russian Ministry of Education, prospective parents will receive a referral for a child. Along with the referral the prospective parents will often receive a video tape of the child along with a number of documents.

They then will travel for their first trip to meet the child and commit to the Russian adoption. This trip is also considered to be confirmation of the “match” between the prospective parents and the child.

Prospective parents are given the option of declining the referral at this time and meeting another child or departing Russia. The first trip is usually less than 7 days.

Additional Russian adoption paperwork may now be required specific to the region where the child is living. The dossier is then certified and the prospective parents and child wait approximately 8 weeks for a court date to be scheduled. (I-600A, I-71H, Dossier, homestudy)

After receiving the court date, the prospective parents return to Russia for approximately 10 days to certify the adoption, complete the required medical appointments and appointments with the immigration office.

One of the concerns about Russian adoption is related to potential health problems the child may develop. Of course there are "risks" with having a biological child, so one might ask why Russian adoption should be any different. It is always recommended to have any paperwork reviewed by a medical professional familiar with international adoption.

Each international adoption story includes its own bumps in the road. Read these great personal Russian adoption stories.

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