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Russian Adoption Story

Kerik Family Story

Kerik Family Story (page 2)

We received the referral info the following day at Scott’s work! He called and read me the medical reports on both of the kids! This put fear in me! The girl was diagnosed with a heart murmur! The boy had some diagnosis for a neurological disorder.

After reviewing the referral info several times by ourselves, we asked the parents opinions! We both had reservations about the girl but were fearful to tell each other! We sent them to a doctor at Rainbow Babies in Cleveland for her opinion. We received a phone call from her about 3 days later. We talked with her for over 1 hour about the children. She explained Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and all other things to watch for but thought that both of the children looked fine.

So after many nights of talking we accepted the children. Then came the hardest part we were not allowed to travel until August to see the children due to Russian officials being on summer holiday! Three very long months passed, but we kept busy with getting the new house in order! In the beginning of Aug we traveled for our first trip.

First we met our son who was shy at first, then made up to us! We spent 3 hours with him in a room all by ourselves. He was everything we could have hoped for in a son! Golden hair, brown eyes and a big smile!

The next day we went to see our daughter! She was very shy and would not allow us to touch her! She would not allow me to pick her up without crying! She did play with us and colored with us. She wanted more toys! Well lunchtime came and we were invited to watch her eat! Then at naptime we were invited to see where she slept! It was time for us to go! Do you want to accept this child? How could we not want her? We fell in love with her so fast! As we looked back, we saw her taking her shoes off for nap time but her eyes we on us! You could see that she wanted to play more and stay with us- but she knew her naptime was now!

Two weeks passed and we were back in Russia for the final adoption court date! It was not a good time to be in Russia, as there were bombings going on and the school hostage situation! I was terrified! I just wanted to get my babies and go home!

We went to court and on August 30, 2004 we became a family! Alexy is now known as Kenneth Scott Alex Kerik and Svetlana is now known as Larisa Svetlana Kerik! We returned home the day before Labor Day!

It has been 8 months now and the children are doing great! Larisa is picking up on the English language and turned 3 this past Nov. She is very beautiful and when we look back at her referral from Russia we do not see the same girl at all! The shy little girl is now gone and has turned into a typical 3 year old who loves to tell mommy and daddy NO!!!!

Kenny got 6 teeth within the first 2 weeks home and started crawling more! He now walks as of Oct 31,2004 and is into EVERYTHING!!! They are the joy of our lives and we have EAC to thank for that! Thanks Margaret, Julie, Rene, and all of the EAC staff for a wonderful job! Thanks to our family who helped build our home (by the way we moved in on Dec 23,2004 during a snow storm) and supported us in this adventure! Thanks to Scott’s sister Sue who showed us the way to EAC!!! What a wonderful year this has been!

The Kerik’s
Scott, Maureen, Larisa & Kenny

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