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Of course your favorite part was your new little boy or girl, but what was the second best part of your trip?



Brian and Janet, Kansas - Adopted from China: We loved staying at the White Swan in Guangzhou. Seeing all of the other new families with so much love gave the hotel an out-of-this-world feeling.

Emily, Philadelphia: - Adopted from Russia: We didn't know very much about the REAL Russian culture before we started looking in to adoption. Of course we knew all of the "cold war" things, but not much about the country. Getting to travel and meet such amazing people, to understand the culture and to bring so much back with us were my "second" favorite parts of our trip to adopt our beautiful little boy.

Angela, Toronto - Adopted from China: Although it was somewhat sad, getting to go and visit the orphanage where our daughter spent the first year of her life was one of the most special moments of our trip. Getting to meet the care givers gave us a special connection to our little girl's life. The orphanage was clean, the caregivers were friendly and full of smiles. It will always be a very fond memory.


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