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Single International Adoption

Summary: A first person perspective on single parent international adoption. Kate is in the early stages of her single international adoption and has agreed to share her story as she continues the single parent international adoption process.

I am continually amazed at the number of single men and women who adopt. I still do hear the occasional comment 'It's too bad you aren't married because then you could adopt' I do a quick education and say with a huge grin on my face, 'actually you can adopt if you are single, married, purple or blue the most important thing is that you can provide a loving, permanent home for a child and marriage is not the only way in which one can do that'.

You see sometimes I take it upon myself to become the voice for single adoption, perhaps that is what drew me to writing a diary for this site.

One thing I always thought when I looked at singles blog's and sites was 'how did you get to the stage where you were ready to do this?'. These wonderful stories always started at the beginning of the adoption process - they had contacted agencies, perhaps decided what country to adopt from, were beginning homestudy etc but it left me wondering. What did they do to get to this spot? How did they know they were ready? How did they begin?

So, here I am, a single, who knows I love children, who hasn't met that Mr Right, at is at a crossroad. Welcome to my journey!


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